Teen celebrations don’t have to be about alcohol. Parents, you can make the difference when it comes to underage drinking.

Think that underage drinking is a rite of passage? That it’s harmless fun?

Think again.

Alcohol plays a part in the top killers of our teens – accidents and suicides. Alcohol is a contributing factor in a majority of sexual assaults. It’s not harmless fun.

Even if there isn’t an accident, even if drinking isn’t front-page news, it is still taking its toll on the future of our community. Alcohol damages the still-developing teen brain. That’s permanent damage. Teens who drink are jeopardizing their futures.

Think back to the day they were born. The future seemed limitless. Now is not the time to put the brakes on the possibilities.

Teens who drink are far more likely to have a host of health problems related to alcohol, compared to their non-drinking friends. Chronic liver problems and alcoholism are just some of the risks underage drinkers are taking. They are also more likely to engage in other risky behaviors that could stand in the way of future success.

We encourage parents to take a zero tolerance approach to teen drinking. Don’t buy alcohol for teens. Don’t allow parties where underage drinking is permitted. You are doing a favor for not only your own child, but the community as well.

Explore our website, and learn not only what your children are exposed to, but how as parents, you can take steps to keep your kids safe, sober and drug free.