A deadly amount of fentanyl next to a penny

How Dangerous is Fentanyl?

  • Fentanyl is similar to morphine but 50-100 times more potent
  • A small amount can cause an overdose
  • In Shasta County, illicit fentanyl is causing an increase in overdose deaths

Where is Fentanyl Found?

  • Fentanyl comes in many forms:
    • White or colored powder or pills
    • Fake pills made to look like prescription pills (e.g., fake Oxycontin, Xanax or Vicodin)
    • Laced in other drugs including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine or MDMA

Talk to Your Kids about the Dangers of Fentanyl

  • It’s never too early to talk to your kids about drug use, especially the dangers of fentanyl.
  • Tell your kids that all drugs, including pills, are potentially dangerous and may contain fentanyl.
  • For more information on talking to your kids visit https://songforcharlie.org/the-new-drug-talk/

Safe Medication Practices

  • All pain medications and opioids in the home should be securely stored away from youth to avoid potential misuse. Keep medications locked up, out of reach, and sight.
  • For safe medication disposal locations, go to www.RxSafeShasta.com.

Responding to Fentanyl Overdose

  • Naloxone, often known as Narcan, may be able to reverse fentanyl overdoses
  • Fentanyl overdoses often also require treatment in the hospital because they can last longer than naloxone.
  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist about obtaining naloxone.

Dealing with Addiction?

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