Safe party tips

Teens want to hang out with their friends. But how can you know that these gatherings are safe?

Some simple questions will set your mind at ease when it comes to letting your teen attend a party. Consider these questions:

  • Who is hosting the gathering? Do you know the parents? And will the parents be there during the party?
  • How was everyone invited? A mass invitation on social media suggests trouble.
  • How will your teen get to the party, and get home?

Parents, you need to be happy with the answer to these questions before you say “yes.”

The rules

You have said “yes” to the party invitation, but your parenting job isn’t done yet. Cell phones come in handy here! Arrange to contact your child by text at a prearranged time… and have a code ready to use if your teen wants to come home early (but save face in front of friends).

It can be as simple as a question about grandma. Prearrange answers so that your child can make up an excuse to leave if he or she wants. (Want to learn how to establish a code word and why it might be a teen’s best friend? Check out this tutorial from Teen Driver Source.)

One more tip: Tell your teen that you will be up and awake when he or she returns. You would like to hear all about the party! Most teens won’t chance coming home under the influence if they will then have to chat with Mom or Dad.