Talk Early. Talk Often.

Studies show that teens look to their parents for advice on important matters more than anyone else, including the media, teachers and even their friends. Parents, have a lot more influence than they might think!

Tips for Talking with Your Child About Marijuana

  • Listen carefully to your teen’s thoughts and questions
  • Talk openly when giving advice about the risks of using marijuana
  • Teens are less likely to use marijuana or illegal drugs when they have supportive parents and teachers.
  • Explain that using marijuana can get in the way of getting good grades and achieving goals such as graduating high school, getting into college or getting a good job.
  • Stay positive
  • Discuss guidelines and set expectations for healthy behaviors
  • Set clear limits to discourage your teen from using marijuana.
  • Check your own attitudes and behaviors at the door
  • You are your child’s biggest role model. Young people are more likely to use marijuana if adults use it in front of them.

What To Do If Your Child Is Using Marijuana

  • Stay calm. Overreacting may cause your teen to feel resentment and lead them to rebel or take greater risks
  • Describe your concerns and focus on the positive reasons why you want your teen to stop using marijuana
  • Keep the conversation open for problem solving
  • Remind your child of the limits you previously set about healthy behaviors, or set new ground rules/consequences
  • Find a support system of trusted adults or resources in the community for additional help if needed
  • For a medical or mental health emergency, call 911

For more information check out the California Department of Public Health’s Let’s Talk Cannabis campaign